What is PLA Microsphere?

A PLA microsphere is a fine spherical particle made from 

PLA (polylactic acid), which is a crucial component in the formulation 

of fourth-generation fillers used as collagen stimulators. 

PLA is a biodegradable material known for its exceptional water 

absorption and tissue compatibility. 

While traditional HA (hyaluronic acid) fillers offer 

a straightforward filling effect, PLA microspheres 

promote the natural regeneration of skin tissue, 

resulting in the reduction of wrinkles.

What is a biodegradable polymer?

- It is polymer of being hydrolyzed in body and used as major 

  ingredient in cosmetics, tissue engineering device and depot formula.

- There are various biodegradable polymer such as PLLA, PDO and

  PCL used for a long time and they have various physical properties 

  depending on composition and molecule size.

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Next Generation Powder Filling with Tissue Engineering

Product Features

Powder filler with uniform size 

and spherical microsphere

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