Scalp Aging & Hair Loss

Alopecia and other hair anomalies can happen due to 

an array of causes, the most common being:

1. Loss of collagen in hair follicles due to aging

2. Loss of capillaries in the scalp, cutting oxygen and nutrient supply to the follicles

3. Decrease in follicle size and increased oil production due to DHT hormone expression

4. Reduced scalp regeneration and healing capacity due to compromised skin barrier

5. Reduced pigment transport due to loss of melanocytes (grey hair)

What Scalp Aging Looks Like

Hairna for Scalp Rejuvenation & Hair Growth

Hairna HairFill   Hairna hair fill  Hairnahairfill

Main ingredient

ASC Exosome

Exosomes are tiny extracellular vesicles about 100 nanometres in size. They are the most important mechanism in 

cell -to-cell communication in our bodies, acting as messengers delivering lipids, proteins and RNA that activate biological responses in the recipient cells

Exosome Benefits

1. Anti-inflammatory Action

Exosomes have a big role in relieving inflammation, transporting the enzymes needec

in the generation of extracellular Adenosine, a powerful anti-inflammatory agent which

regulates immune activity and subsequently prevents excessive inflammation in the

scalp and hair follicles

2. Promotion of Skin Barrier Structural Components

Exosomes promote the synthesis of critical components of the skin barrier - Sphingolipids

These are essential molecules of the epidermis that intervene in the modulation of our skir

cells, they are involved in ceramide production, keratinocyte proliferation and differentia

tion, as well as the production of a key epidermal immune element (CAMP), 

maintaining skin barrier health.

Exosome Scalp Anti-inflammatory Action

EXOSCRTTM Isolation Technology

The conventional method to isolate and purify Exosomes was UItracentrifugation. However,

there is always a certain degree of Exosome destruction with this method. For this reason,

Haira Hair Fi's Exosomes are isolated with EXOSCRT M, a novel patented filtering technol-

ogy which successfully preserves the quality of every single Exosome

Hairna Exosome Hair Fill & The Hair Growth Cycle

Biotin Tr ipeptide -1 s a three amino acid peptide that combines the famous collagen frag

ment, GHK with Biotn, a wellknown supplement for stronger hair and nails. The resulting

Biotnoy Tripeptide -1 has shown hair regrowth effects comparable to those of Minoxidlil.

Hairna Exosome Hair Fill Case Study Results

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