A neocollagenesis (collagen synthesis promoting) 

      filler that provides effects lasting for up to a year and a half, 

      promoting a gradual recovery of natural skin volume.

Bio-convergence & Integration

PLA(Polylactic Acid)+CMC(Carboxymethyll Cellulose)

- Uniform spherical particle shape that results in lower injec-

   tion force than other PLA fillers

-Reduced treatment time thanks to freeze-drying technology

   through quick suspension

-Biodegradable materials that are naturally and gradually

   degraded in the body leaving no residue

Filler Material Classification

Role of PLA FILLers

The following graph shows loss of collagen, 

               moisture and fat in mature skin

meNnus_PLA Filler 



PLA fillers promote collagen synthesis, tissue restoration and volume recovery

What is PLA [Poly(D, L-lactic acid)]?

Polylactic Acid(PLA) is a fatty polyester. It is a thermoplastic material that is 

synthe­sized using monomers from 100% renewable sources, such as starch from corn and potatoes. 

There are two-types of enantiomers, L-body and D-body in the monoamine lactic acid of PLA which becomes 

poly L-Lactic Acid(PLLA) and poly D-lactic acid(PDLA) respec­tively when polymerized. 

These acids have different optical properties but the chemi­cal and physical properties are the same. 

The characteristics of these biodegradable polymers can be used to biodegrade medi­cal products after performing certain functions in the body, 

so no removal surgery is required and foreign substances, or any chronic problems related to 

non-degradable polymers can be prevented. 

Mechanism of action

Moisture is absorbed for 1~ 2 weeks after injection, 

volume will seem to decrease for a while then gradually recover after 4~8 weeks through collagen and cell regeneration

Cells gradually enter the porous PLA to create collagen over time

Presentation comparison

               The surface area is even due to uniform particles,

               and the injection force is low for smoother injection

Beads and particles forms


In comparison with HA fillers that only give temporary volume, PLA fillers

help to improve wrinkles by boosting collagen creation with volume

Low injection force compared to general PLA fillers when injecting


Spherical PLA particles create volume evenly and there is no needle blockage

Faster degradation compared to other products, easier treatment preparation

30s-5Os worried about aging

People in their 40s and 50s experiencing increased wrinkles

and loss of skin elasticity due to age

People concerned about sensitive skin

Those who are concemed about, dry and sensitive 

skin due to external and environmental factors

People getting ready for a special day

People who expect skin improvement in a short time ahead

of special days such as wedding, 

first- birthday parties, filming, etc

People who want to restore the skin health

People who want to restore skin elasticity 

and improve signs of skin aging

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