Upgraded hyaluronic acid crosslinking technology

3 features that make Sedy Fill unique

1. Strong viscosity and cohesiveness (migration resistance)

2. Optimal gel strength that can be adjusted 

according to the patient’s needs

3. Excellent malleability for easier modeling

Aside from these properties, 

Sedy Fill’s patented HA technology is the 

only current technology that has released a semi-solid state gel, 

which provides a long-lasting effect, 

as well as product safety with a pure HA gel that

 can be easily removed with no residue as needed.

Viscosity test results

After running a viscosity test with competing products, 

we can see that in just 4 minutes, most of the competing products                                        

have migrated outside the circle, whereas our product still keeps its intact shape.

Safe & Removable

Sedy Fill’s technology has overcome the stability and solubility issues that arise when the cross-linking rate is increased to create a safer and easily removable product. The most common problems when increasing the HA cross-linking rate, as well as Sedy Fill’s strengths are as follows:

Hyaluronidase Test

Sedy Fill is a safe product that can be completely removed with 

a Hyaluronidase injection. 

While it is strong against natural-occurring 

Hyaluronidase in the body for a long-lasting effect, 

the gel remaining in the soft tissue can be 

dissolved easily by injecting Hyaluro-nidase directly into the desired area.


Generally, we can see how the raw material (HA) is easily modified 

chemically on high cross-linking rates. However, our product, 

as seen in the retractive index test, 

shows a wavelength pattern that is exactly like its raw material, 

showing that the final product has maintained 100% of its 

HA without any modifications. 

In other words, the product can be safely absorbed 

by the human body without any harm with 100% of HA remaining.

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